Monday, 24 September 2012

Broncos Petero Civoniceva's Final Match

Friday 31st August 2012

It was my first time watching a Broncos v Panthers match.
A group of BISAs and me headed to Suncorp Stadium after having a dinner + enjoying a surprise birthday cake for me :D
Surprise birthday cake! Thanks everyone!

I was so excited as I really wanted to watch an official match since I was in high school tho I had no idea about how it's played *sorry* XD
Handsome Panthers lads!

Intense game~

Panthers was leading by 6-0 and I could see the solemn faces of the supporters as I was taking photos.

 However, the game ended with victory on Broncos' side with 19-12! Congrats! XD 

Up! Up! Horayyyy!!!

Kodak Moment <3

Oh yeah, with the game ending with Broncos' triumph, we enjoyed ourselves dancing and running happily on the grass field! Woohooooo!!! 


More info??? Feel free to click on these links :D

Brisbane Times: Live: Broncos v Panthers 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Astro Rasa Halal Brisbane?

Saturday 28th April 2012

The perks of being a Brisbane International Student Ambassador?
Film shoot! Woot! Woot!
Thanks Study Brisbane & of course, Heliza Helmi and Astro Rasa Halal crew.
Thanks for having me around haha :D
It was a magnificent experience! *grins happily*

You can watch the trailer here :)
My screen time is just a few mins but no worries, the experience itself is just so precious mannn :D
Oh yeah, it was on air in Ramadhan 2012 on Oasis Channel 106 :)

Screen shot from Astro Oasis - credits to Paih's friend
More photos? Sure~

Kick start at Long Pine Koala Sanctuary
Snakes are cool yo!
Nice pose Emu!
The awkward moment when I couldn't translate what I wanted to say in Malay...
Was it summer coz mom said I look alot darker on tv... =.=''
Film shooting is fun actually :D
Would love to be more involved someday insya'allah!
Feel free to ask me questions regarding student life in Brisbane & etc here.
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Vlogs? Haha..nahh but I have a new youtube channel here.
This is a new blog of mine so thanks for reading :D

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Being a Teacher is Awesome~

Monday 23rd April 2012

Being a teacher is awesome!
Why oh why?
There're heaps of benefits of being one but I'm just gonna tell you one today...hehe

Our assignment is fun.
Yep! I'm serious.
Film shoot/photography sesh

Filming the exhibition of the day!

Are those real sandwiches? Yeah!!!

The Sandwich Team! 

Young creative teachers-to-be in action!
Planning a lesson itself is not an easy task.
Let alone a full day exhibition.
However, we really enjoyed it! The experience was so fun & I'd learnt heaps of things!
Thank you good lecturers, friends & of course, Queensland University of Technology!

Let's Go Surfing!!!

Sunday 22nd April 2012

Life's getting busier.
Beach party was the day before, the following?

Let's Go Surfing!!!

As 2012 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors,
we were so lucky to get a free surf lesson from Get Wet Surf School.
Thanks heaps! You guys are awesome!
Surfing! Surf! Surf!

With our handsome trainer :D

Group photo! Surfing is awesome!
If you're here in Brisbane or Gold Coast & would love to surf but you don't know how,
feel free to browse this website & start learning how to surf!

The Spit/Seaworld Drive
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
1800438 938

Aloha Party!

Saturday 21st April 2012

I'm an RA (Residential Assistant) and I was in charge for the Saturday's Aloha Party...
I'm not a party person so I went there just for work haha :D Well, I was curious too tho~

The ticket! Thanks Dan!
It was fun I'd say.
I just loved the sea breeze when we were on the boat going to the island.
I've got a few friends coming with me so I didn't feel so awkward XD
Thanks heaps guys!
Feeling the breeze guys! :D

My mates :)

Cute wallabyyyy!!!

The dancing people having fun!

Jelly fight woot!!!

Beautiful sunset~

A kiss from pretty Hannah~
It was indeed a new experience for me :)
Thanks Dan, our RA manager :D
I'd never forget this :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Parasailing! :D

Saturday 17th March 2012

Huge colourful parachute on the blue sky.
I was so excited to feel the "flying" moment. Haha.
Well, treat this as a warm-up sesh before going for skydiving right? :P

The first couple went on the sky!
Enjoying the calm scenery of Broadwater
On second thought, I did wanna jump into the sea! XP

It was such an awesome experience! :D
Oh, yes...Acrophobia?? Don't worry...I was afraid of heights before :)

She's the most amazing friend I've ever had~

Wednesday 28th March 2012

We were at the airport. Me. Her. Good friends of hers.
Trying to hide my grief with a smile when waving her goodbye was indescribable.
Look at the friends. Her friends. Honestly, I was jealous. I wanted to talk to her & laugh with her again but I was no match compared to her friends.
Friendship matters to me when I think that sacred bond is sincere, honest & true.
I befriend with all. Friendly Honey, right?
Honestly? I'm choosy...I only care for those who sincerely care for me.
I could feel whether one is being completely concerned or just showing a mere act of courtesy.

I've never met anyone like her.
So enthusiastic. So honest. So kind. 
So supportive. So positive. So sincere.
So much love.
The name is Syar. Syarnisa. 
As the title goes,she was the most amazing friend I'd ever had....

My eyes went teary writing this.
To Syar, I'm so unhappy that we've lost contact since you went back to Malaysia.
The fact that I don't know how to reach you just disappoints me. Everytime.
I really hope that somehow, someday, we'll see each other again.
Until then, I just wanna tell you that I really enjoyed the moments when you were here in Brisbane.
I couldn't wait to tell you about exciting things that happened to me.
You've taught me lots of  things. Precious things.
I thanked God for our friendship. I'll be forever grateful.  
May God bless you, good friend~

7th Feb 2012 - I could see myself smiling happily
15th Feb 2012 - brunchie!
19th Feb 2012 - I don't really like shopping actually

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Best of Comedy - Malaysia

Wednesday 21st March 2012

A friend showed me a poster of Harith Iskandar, a Malaysian stand-up comedian on our way home.
His show in Brisbane? Really?
My cohort mates were so excited to see him thus voila! 
The tickets!
The show was so fun & I was so glad that I still could make it! (I had class so I missed the first two acts)
You could see my excited face lol!

The show took place at Brisbane Powerhouse :D
I've been there for few events & I'll never get bored!
Feel free to browse the website & purchase tickets for amazing shows the have! 

2012 BISA's Official Appointment by the Lord Mayor

20th March 2012 - BISA Appointment by the Lord Mayor featuring Hani Misbah from Malaysia :D

2012 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors

Tuesday 20th March 2012.

It was the day when 2012 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors looked so cheerful in their national dresses, ready to receive their official certificates from the Lord Mayor.

The ceremony was simple yet so meaningful.

New friendship bonds were established, new stories were exchanged and new cultures were learnt.

New experiences ready to be ventured! :D

Thank you Brisbane~

On a side note,

I went to Starbucks with Jack coz I was happy with the ceremony~ :D

Meet Jack, my Aussie friend who studies Film & TV

Dinner's on me if I'm happy! :D