Saturday, 13 September 2014

4 Days.

Five, sitting idly.
In an open-aired small hall, all breezy  and windy.
Oh, everyone seems to know each other..
..but me.
Well, I can be friendly and bubbly..all chatter and laughter.
..but this whole thing kinda kills me.
Shutting up my mouth, speak if it's necessary.
I remain silent waiting till the end, this is so unlike me.

Stairs, walking down slowly..
I look at him, puzzled, yet a lil bit frothy
Does he know me?
Nope..Maybe not? Umm..definitely?
"'s me."
Oh! That WeChat guy with a cunning id!
Who is way more fluent in English, compared to this petty fatty me..
Well, the providence, tends to be uncanny..and sometimes, kinda..funny.
We talk about puns, good movies e.t.c..
Oh, and a sports car of his, maybe?
..but, never the names, or exact details, precisely..

Me. overseas grad who stutters.
Lost in the middle of those american-accent utterances.
Insecurity overwhelms me.
I need more practice, thus, help me..
Maybe I can type or write, quite nicely..
..but my mind blanks out my full-English conversation, infuriatingly.

Why the poem, you ask me?
Incisively yet a bit circuitously..
We, as friends. You and me?

Laugh all you want if it's too cheesy.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

That Kid

I decided to stay in that class for a relief period..well, coz I had no better things to do and that 'anak angkat' kid looked a bit gloomy. So, I stayed and had a casual chat with a few pupils when he started to join in. He leisurely walked towards me and sat on my lap before a girl shouted, "ee manjanya!". Haha. Sure, I don't mind..maybe he doesn't get to sit on his parents' lap since they are so damn busy with work..maybe?

Yesterday, I was welcomed into that class with an enormous joyful cheer of "YEAY!" for a relief period. I was beyond touched..well..maybe coz that was the first time I ever entered their class? I don't know.

..and yesterday too, that kid tackled that seungri-lookalike boy when he was running towards me,

"She's my mummy!"
"No, she's my mummy!"
"No, mine!"


The idea of 'anak angkat' wasn't triggered by me. He mentioned it when a Year 6 boy asked me what's the relationship between me and the kid coz we seemed quite close. So, the next day, I introduced him to other students as my 'anak angkat' and he seemed pretty happy about it..well, to the extent of coming into my class and gleefully asked me whether he could stay there to learn from me..aww... :')

Using the recess break to spend time with the boy, well, to be honest, I feel rather contented of having him as my so-called 'anak angkat'..

To be honest, this place is sucking the happiness out of me like a fucking dementor..but heyy, look at the bright side, I've gotta meet this boy, who actually just got transferred from another school.

"If I didn't get transferred, I wouldn't have the chance to meet you, teacher."